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General information

This is the place where the person is being created. Enter here with love and responsibility!

Our school has a long history. In 2018 it celebrated its 111th anniversary which was a great event for all the students, teachers and parents. It was founded as educational building in 1907 and designed by the architect Yakovlev. It was a sort of a monument to Pushkin – the Russian poet, that’s why it got the first name after him. During its history our school got different names and only in 1962 it became an educational establishment with profound learning of the English language. In spite of all the changes that happened in our school in the 20th century, the school has always been one of the best schools in Saint Petersburg.

Our school carries out training for the programs of all the steps of secondary-level education from the 1st to the 11th form, realizing the programs which provide pupils’ enhanced training in English. The conditions for realizing the pupils’ individual creative abilities and preparing them for successful professional career are made here. Now more than 900 students study in our school. The students are winners of the all-Russian and international academic competitions in different disciplines; they participate in academic conferences for students. Those who graduate from school enter the universities not only in Russia, but in different European universities (in Britain, France, Finland) & the USA. School №80 is working extensively at developing and maintaining the rich traditions of the foretime, at adoption of modern educational technologies. It has been recognized the best school for many times. Our school is an experimental-testing ground making researches on the topic ‘’Media-informational literacy’’. Nowadays 72 teachers are working in School, 59 of them have already the highest professional quality, and 20 of them have government awards. Teachers` group has numerously been a winner of pedagogical excellence competitions. The School headmaster is J. V. Kozyrev – the Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Honorary Worker of General Russian Education, the winner of the competition “The Best Headmaster – 2016”. The students have a possibility to develop their talents working in school radio, television and in newspaper ‘’Vinegret’’, as well as in the Museum of School’s History and in School Council. The school has its own traditions, but the most important among them are those connected with the name of Pushkin – like the celebration of the poet’s birthday and the Lyceum Day (on the 19th of October). Besides, we have some more events at school such as the election of the school President, concert for the Victory Day, the Immortal Regiment, the New Year’s Worldvision, Maslenitsa Festival, visiting the camp “Zerkal’niy”, the holiday of childhood.


The schooling house named after A.S. Pushkin was founded in this building to commemorate the poet's birth centenary. It was a sort of a monument to the poet, the aim of which was to satisfy one of the vital needs of the citizens – to bring up young people and to give them education. The place for the schooling house was chosen not far from the Alexander Lyceum, the Lyceum where the poet had studied, which was transferred here from Tsarskoe Selo. The architect was I.I. Yakovlev, noted for his designs of educational buildings. His project of our school was the best at the competition. The schooling house in Bolshaya Ruzheinaya Street was meant for 1000 children, much attention was paid to proper lightning of the classrooms, and spacious corridors were meant for good rest during the breaks. The construction began in 1906 and already next year the opening ceremony was held. It was a great occasion in the life of the people of the district because the children of workers and clerks could study here. The course of studying lasted for three years.

After the October Revolution the schooling house got the name Yedinaya Trudovaya Shcola. It was meant for children of working class origin who had to combine studying at school with work at the plant. The course of studying was 5 years. The 20-s were hard time for the country, the years of restoration after the Civil War. Polytechnic education was of primary importance at schools. Our school became a workshop of the plant ''Electrician''. The classrooms were well-equipped for such subjects as Physics, Chemistry and Handicraft.

The school achieved good results. The rating was very high. In 1932 it got the title ''The First Model School'' of the city. In 1935 it was awarded the Red Banner, which was a great honour. The first graduates decided to become teachers. Since 1931 Maria Yakovlevna Perkina was the Principal of the school, an outstanding teacher, a participant of the 8-th International Congress of Teachers in Paris in 1938 Her pedagogical achievements were highly appreciated in our country and abroad.

During the Great Patriotic War junior pupils were evacuated to the suburbs but senior pupils continued their studies. There was a hospital in the school building and the students worked to help the nurses. A lot of teachers and students participated in the war and many of them sacrifised their lives. We honour their memory and you can see their names on the stand on the 2-nd floor of our school. The year of 1987 was a special year for our school – 150 years passed since the death of Pushkin. Besides, we celebrated the 80-th anniversary of the foundation of our school. So, on the 7-th of February 1987 the museum of our school was opened. There you can get acquainted with the history of our school and its school life today.

Since 1961 our school has been an educational establishment with profound learning of the English language. It gives the pupils a wonderful possibility to study all aspects of English at a high level, to enrich their knowledge in history and traditions of English-speaking countries, to implement the knowledge of English in their future specialities. The school has a high rating.

International cooperation

The 21st century is time for communication and mutual understanding, so the teachers and students of our school try to keep up with the time developing international relationships. Our good friends and partners in different projects include colleagues and students from Finland, Armenia, Hungary, and we are planning to broaden the geography of cooperation further. Projects involve different spheres and are realized in various forms. Teachers exchange their working experience participating in conferences, seminars and online discussions. Students make common on-line newspapers, TV programs and reports. All students interested in such activity are welcome to participate, they should just ask their teacher of English.


In school 80 all the regular teachers have university degrees, and many have advanced degrees. In addition, every teacher continues his or her own learning through professional development activities. Our teachers are evaluated to make sure that their teaching skills remain at the highest possible level. All of them are highly qualified not only according to the legal definition, but also according to the highest standards of their profession, due to educational workshops, webinars, contests of pedagogical excellence.

English Classrooms

If you’d like a taste of traditional lyceum life at the heart of Saint Petersburg, our school is a great place to focus and sharpen your skills.

The school is equipped with spaces for rest and communication with cosy pouffes, projectors and charging facilities. Fully networked Computer Room and Library are sure to catch your eye with stunning paintings, a great number of books and a statue of Alexander Pushkin, whom the school is dedicated to. The classrooms are full of contrasts: you can enjoy brand new classroom design in English 13 A, B, C with apple green or aristocratic grey walls, white desks and chairs. Have you ever wanted to write and draw on the walls? You can do it in these classrooms due to the special wall cover. Moreover, classrooms with exquisite interior, fireplaces, candlesticks, paintings and even pianos will instantly charm you!

With the help of supportive, experienced teachers, modern classroom facilities and the very best teaching materials, you'll enjoy a life-changing experience and leave with the skills needed to pursue your dreams.

English Immersion program

Every year the students of Secondary and Primary School № 80 with the profound learning of the English language get an opportunity to participate in the English Immersion program with native speakers who come to us from different English-speaking countries such as England, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Australia and many others. “Immersion” in English can significantly improve students’ English communication skills and help them overcome the language barrier. The “immersion” program includes 5 classes with native teachers who do not speak Russian at all, thus a kind of linguistic environment is created for students. The program can be conducted with students of different ages from the 3rd grade to the 11th grade. Teaching materials are selected according to a particular age group in order to avoid some difficulties while communicating with native speakers. Students win a chance to practise their English speaking skills as well as get acquainted with the culture of different countries.